About Us

From the same people that produce the award-winning local journalism at Torontoist, it's a web store filled with things made in and inspired by Toronto!

It won't likely come as a shock to anyone to hear that producing a web-only publication focusing specifically on local issues isn't the most lucrative endeavour. But dang, we sure love doing it.

This web store exists as an alternative funding source so we can afford to produce more compassionate, interesting, and insightful journalism each month. All of the profits from this store go directly to the talented Torontoist contributors.
As for what you can buy from Torontoist Store, we're committed to having all our products made here in Toronto and/or inspired by Toronto.
In late Spring and early Summer 2015 we'll have a limited (though still pretty sweet) selection as we get the store up and running. By the end of the summer we're planning on adding more and more awesome Toronto inspired merch.
On top of that, in the not-too-distant future we'll be inviting local artists, designers, and craftspeople to create limited edition work to be featured in the Torontoist Store. We love the idea of supporting and featuring people who are making great things here in Toronto while raising money to fund more great journalism. (If you are or know of a local artist, designer, or craftsperson who would be interested in being featured, please send us an email!)
Store.Torontoist.com is designed, developed, and managed for Torontoist by Torontoist's own Corbin Smith.