Torontoist Web Store, Open For Business!


Oh happy day! We’re so excited that this is finally happening. A Torontoist Web Store is something we at Torontoist have wanted to make a reality for a long time now.

If you want to get a sense of why we’ve created a web store and the philosophy behind how we’re running it, hop on over to our About page.

For now, let’s jump into what you can expect from the very first month or so of

Right off the top we’re putting out some fun Torontoist hats and shirts. The design for both is inspired by vintage Toronto Blue Jays jerseys. 


There is a very limited stock of these items–less than 10 shirts per size and about 30 hats. During this “grand opening” first month or so, the price of these first items are only a couple dollars above the cost to get them made. We at Torontoist really dig these designs and the idea of repping our city—but now we need to figure out how many of you feel similarly! So to gauge interest we’re selling this first limited run of merch for marginally more than what we paid for it.

Future versions will likely cost a bit more than what we’re initially charging for these sweet caps and tees.

We’ll almost definitely get more once we run out of this initial stock. However, it’ll take maybe a couple weeks to get a fresh set of embroidered snapback caps and screen printed baseball tees. So if you want to rep some city pride while supporting local journalism all summer long, we suggest you jump snag a cap or shirt asap!